Our Practice Areas

Schlam Law provides diligent defense for individuals accused of crimes in Florida.

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General Criminal Law

Whether you're fighting incarceration, financial penalties, clearing a criminal record, the loss of professional licenses, and even immigration consequences, having a qualified lawyer is the only way to secure a better outcome for your case.

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Juvenile Offenses

Juvenile offenses can tarnish the future of accused permanently. To fight against this event being on a permanent record, being tried as an adult, fines and other consequences, getting experienced legal help is key in securing your future.

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Violations of Probation

Violating probation can have serious outcomes that you'll need professional help to fight. Whether the consequences are fines and restitutions, revocation of probation, imprisonment, or making future sentences heavier, you'll need a lawyer on your side.

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Marchman Act

Used for involuntary assessment and treatment of individuals struggling with substance abuse. It's intended as a last resort, after attempts to get the person into treatment voluntarily have failed.

Aggressively fighting for South Florida Defendants for 20 years